Euromax: Maximized display area for chilled food and beverages

A great display suits various kinds of shop formats, is fast to refill and capacious enough for a wide selection of different kinds of products. Also temperature performance has to be exceptional so that even the most delicate products stay fresh. Euromax has it all. This is the one stop shopping cabinet that enables even the smallest store to offer an extensive product range.

For all shop concepts and for all products

Euromax is suitable for various kinds of shop formats including retail, petrol stations, convenience stores and forecourt kiosks. In addition Euromax is versatile selling dairy products, salads, meat products, beverages - and even pet food.

Due to the superior temperature performance all the goods stay fresh and appealing. Side and canopy lights, glass end panels and large display opening present all the delicacies well, which no doubt increases both sales and customer loyalty.

Choose plug-in or remote cabinet according to your needs.

Key benefits

  • Excellent product temperatures for multiple food categories
  • Wide opening with largest display area on the market
  • Four cabinet models to match any store layout
  • Easy front service access maximizes productivity and minimizes service costs
  • Energy efficiency, saving costs and helping to protect the environment

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