Maxim: Energy-efficient and reliable freezer island

Maxim's energy efficiency and reliable technology have convinced customers in several countries for some time. It is easy and fast to refill, which saves time and boosts staff productivity.

Maxim's operational reliability guarantees reliable HACCP control. Optional glass lids and low-energy fans offer even more energy savings. Glass end panels make for better product visibility and enhance sales. There is a wide range of Maxim models to choose from, both for cooler and freezer islands, which are available with solid end panels or with a combination of solid and glass end panels if needed.

Key benefits

  • Wide range of models
  • Wholesale version available
  • Easy re-filling
  • Reliable performance
  • Different cooling systems available
  • Low energy fans and glass lids as optional energy saving solutions

Maxim products matching your criteria

Maxim technical specifications

Cooler island
Cooler island, whole sale
Cooler island, end cabinet
Freezer island
Freezer island, whole sale
Freezer island, end cabinet
Standard equipment