NorCon: Impulse shopping made possible everywhere

Impulse shopping can be created basically everywhere. NorCon is a robust and reliable point-of-sales display with years of positive feedback from the market.

Low height multideck with high impulse effect

NorCon low height multideck is equally at home next to the checkout or at the end of an aisle. There are different sizes and models available making NorCon suitable for different kinds of shop formats. A shoparound island can be formed with non-chilled gable ends. NorCon is built to last and designed to sell.

Key benefits

  • Suitable for different kinds of shop formats
  • Plenty of sales space compared to occupied floor space
  • Upright lighting with good product visibility
  • Excellent product temperature throughout the cabinet
  • Built to last, easy to service and designed to sell

NorCon products matching your criteria

NorCon technical specifications

NORCON products
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