Aida: Versatile and easy to maintain serve over display family

Norpe is proud to present Aida, an innovative display range where design meets functionality and the latest technology meets ecology. Aida is developed to meet the most demanding customer needs and truly has it all from the outstanding design to superior technical details.

The best technical performance in its class

Aida is a versatile, easy to maintain and eco-friendly range of display cabinets for pastry, snacks and other delicacies. Several cabinet models from service to self- service and different colour options make it a perfect fit for any shop floor or café, no matter how small.

Aida's technical performance is the best in its class. It uses 20% less energy than other serve-over counters of the same size. This versatile display family truly is a masterpiece inside out!

Key benefits

  • Versatile with several models from serve-over cabinets to bake off and hot counters
  • Fits any store concept with two glass types and three body colours (gold, black and stainless steel)
  • Beautiful styling and lighting present the most delicious looking products
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Excellent technical performance where a constant temperature is guaranteed, even for the most delicate pastry
  • Several energy efficiency improving features available which lower energy consumption and save costs

Aida products matching your criteria

Aida technical specifications

Serve Over
Bake Off & Hot
Self Service / Serve Over
External angle
Retro Glass Models
Standard equipment